First, I love all the Wisconsin football clothes. Only the daughter isn’t wearing a football shirt. I can see that’s a Packers sweatshirt that Janna Ryan, the wife, has on. We’ve got 10 electoral votes here in Wisconsin, you know. And people love football. (Are Americans more excited about the campaign season or the football season? I say the football season, in part because campaigning never goes away, so there’s no season anymore to look forward to — other than to look forward to its ending.)

So, here’s a lovely, wholesome family. Janna, looks a bit like Ann Romney to me, but the 2 women are distinctly different:

Janna Little, the future Mrs. Paul Ryan, was a Washington tax attorney living in Arlington, Va., when she met him. The Oklahoma native graduated from Wellesley College and George Washington University Law School.

Despite some Googling, I can’t figure out if she still works or if she became a full-time homemaker.

Speaking of Googling, CNN can’t bother to do the most basic Googling. I just heard it say that Ryan is from a “small town” in Wisconsin. Janesville isn’t a small town! It’s a small city, with a population over 60,000. It takes 2 seconds to discover that. If you don’t bother to get the little, easy things right, why should we ever trust you? Of course, we don’t. Speaking of small… CNN ratings are way down.