I can’t wait to see what Saturday Night Live has in store this week for the Presidential Debates with Candy Crowley. First, the fact that there were three people debating what Obama actually said that day after the attacks in the Rose Garden once she joined the conversation. Umm, that was a little in-a-pro-pro, wouldn’t you say? (That’s Mom Vivant slang for inappropriate) How funny was it when Big Bird appeared on Saturday Night Live to say how uncomfortable he feels now that he got singled out in a Presidential debate and everybody knows who he is? Or when he talked about all the tweets he’d gotten in response to Romney’s remarks and the moderator said, “Oh, Big Bird, are you on Twitter? And he said, no. That’s how we talk. I’m a Bird.” My personal favorite is when they showed Obama drifting off during the first Presidential debate because he was worried about getting Michelle the right gift for their anniversary. I’m sorry but all that was missing was the speech bubble over his head the night of the actual debate. (Big disclaimer here that as a mid-40s woman, I thank God I don’t have a speech bubble above me either for all those moments that you call one kids by the others’ name, lose your keys, etc.!) Proof again, that when it comes to politics, Saturday Night Live is spot on! Why can’t politics be that much fun all of the time? And why can’t our leaders tap into the public consciousness the way this cast of characters does every Saturday during election season?