How to get Americans back to work or how to get our economy working again will be the focus of plans by both Republicans and Democrats that will be rolled out after this holiday weekend.  The Republicans are touting a “don’t tread on me” approach to regulations across the board, arguing that rolling back environmental, healthcare and labor relations edicts will free businesses up to … well, to do more business.  They’re also hoping to insulate small business owners by calling for a 20% tax deduction for them.  Republican strategists are warning candidates that addressing the debt ceiling didn’t really do it for voters.  Independent voters want action now to reverse a 9% unemployment rate that has been there for 25 of the past 27 months.  Obama is expected to unveil an infrastructure program to build new schools that would draw from moneys pooled from federal, state and local resources.  He wants to extend the payroll tax that dropped the payroll tax from 6-4%.  We’ll know more details when he releases his program next week.