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Tina Fey, we ain’t.  But, we could not let the passing of Sarah Palin’s presidential ambitions go by without some kind of acknowledgement.  The LA times link will take you to her speech at the 2008 Convention to the Debate against Joe Biden (Can I call you Joe?) to Saturday Night Live’s greatest Palin moments.   You gotta love that she bowed out and days later has been saying it’s time for a female President.  She did stop short of endorsing the one woman running, Michelle Bachmann.  Being a wordsmith, I want to acknowledge her coining of the phrase Mama Grizzlies, her joke that the only difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is one of ’em is wearing lipstick, her belief that because she could “see” Russia from Alaska she could “see” Russia.  Stephen Colbert and his political action committee can’t hold a candle to the blurring of comedy and constitution that was Sarah Palin.  Click here to find out more! No matter what you do, you have to take a look at the final link.  Trust me, it will make you laugh!,0,5458013.story