All Mitt Romney had to do to take Iowa was say the word, “passion.” That’s a joke. But, his demeanor was the most genuinely confident and triumphant it has been leading up to the caucuses in Iowa Tuesday night. Mind you, he won by the slimmest of margins. Hopefully, his razor thin victory will serve as a cattle call to moderate Republicans. Most of the articles in the wake of Romney’s victory in Iowa have been from the angle of the religious conservatives and the big fight they’re gearing up for in South Carolina. This is the time for moderate Republicans to re-frame the discussion and stand up. We’re allowing the media to dictate the terms of these elections. Not only does all that noise from the religious right turn off moderate Republicans, it allows Democrats to continue to frame Republicans as judgmental shrews. 30% of Republicans identify themselves as moderates this cycle. Time magazine called moderates, “The Silent Majority.” 2012 will hinge on moderates and Independents. Rest assured, those religious conservatives, whose voices we hear in soundbites and in Congress, long heralded as the base of the party, are not going to vote for Obama. Those are the slam dunk Republicans. The Republican party should capture this unique opportunity to redefine itself by showing how big an umbrella the party really is, by trotting out its moderate voices, and boldly going where no nominee has gone before: to the middle.  Acknowledging the variety of opinions on social issues will not only show the party is capable of building bridges but may also convince disaffected Democrats there is room for them under this umbrella, too.

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