If Sarah Palin has a legacy in politics, it is the “heartbeat away” factor. I was hoping Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney might try to balance out the ticket by picking a pro-choice, pro-civil union woman as his running mate. A woman of color like Condoleezza Rice would have been an added bonus. But Romney may feel that, after Sarah Palin, the days of picking someone out to balance the ticket are gone. And so, it looks like he may go with a junior version of himself. Safe, predictable and stable. According to the New York Times, the frontrunners at this point are Sen. Bob Portman and former Presidential candidate and former Governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty. It was Republican campaign strategist Ed Rollins who said last week that the Republican Party is “too old, fat and white.” Was he part of the drumroll around Condoleezza Rice’s potential nomination after Romney was booed by the NAACP? Could be.  At the end of the day, Romney’s campaign is choosing a “do no harm” strategy and we aren’t going to criticize him for it. Because the ultimate goal is to improve the economy and two of Romney is better than  none.