Okay, I have to start out by saying the cutest thing about Ann Romney is the way she giggles. I don’t think it was nerves. I think it was her very genuine “aw shucks” demeanor. I loved when she said that contrary to media reports, she does not have a “storybook marriage.”  That what she has is a real marriage that has survived real life challenges like M.S. and breast cancer. I also liked when she said voters might not agree with Mitt Romney’s positions but they’d have to agree this is a guy who refuses to fail.  And probably the best line of the whole speech was when she said if the last four years had been more of a success, no one would be slamming Romney for how successful he’s been.  Why deride a guy for turning a state, a company and the Olympics around? When did being good at something, or in this case, being good at many things, become a bad thing? Bottom line on the Ann Romney speech is it was pure Storybook. She is confident, genuine, cute and convincing.