It isn’t nearly as pleasant as dipping into an ocean wave or basking in the sun, I admit. But there is still a lot going on right now that American moms may not want to miss. Mia Love, who if elected to Congress, would be the House’s first African American female member, just had a great idea. She suggests that all of those young people looking for jobs right now might want to consider going into politics. You know, a modern day Peace Corps but this time, it’s our country that needs the help. And yes, we’re looking for the best and the brightest to serve.

This is a wonderful excerpt from an article in today’s Washington Post on the Democrats’ war on the wealthy.  Michael Gerson suggests Romney needs to reframe the class warfare discussion.

As a governing matter, encouraging social mobility could eventually be a unifying, bipartisan goal. As a political matter, it would provide Romney a particular advantage. Obama’s message is now in full Labor Party mode: Soak the rich. But the smartest Republican response is not to defend the rich. It is to defend a fluid society in which everyone has the possibility of becoming richer. Economic redistribution is not the answer, but economic growth is not sufficient, either. Upward mobility requires the broad diffusion of skills and social capital.

Romney, while disarmingly recognizing his own advantages, should demonstrate some market-oriented innovation in extending advantages to others: promoting early-childhood education, high school completion, college attendance and graduation, parenting skills and wealth-building among the disadvantaged. It would be a powerful political message, addressing a serious need, in a manner consistent with conservative ideals.