So, he did it. Just when the media had written off Mitt Romney’s presidential hopes, he came out swinging. And now the polls reflect a statistical tie and overwhelming sense that if Obama remains in office and the Democrats control Congress, the economy won’t get better, it will get worse.  Watching the debates, I felt like Americans finally got to see Mitt Romney in his element. He is comfortable with the numbers and he knows, numbers don’t lie. “The proof,” he said over and over, “is in the 1 in 6 Americans living in poverty, it’s in the 23 million people who are still unemployed, it’s in the 43 million on food stamps.” 

Now each side is claiming credit for the market’s rally in the days since the Debate. The Romney camp claims its optimism that a numbers guy is in sight of the White House while the Democrats claim it is the slight dip in unemployment, which is something like .2 percent.

ABC News points out that, while Obama repeatedly said that under Obama, seniors would pay $6000.00 more for their health insurance. That figure is based on an earlier plan put forth by Paul Ryan that has evolved. Romney has said repeatedly that he agrees with many of Ryan’s ideas but is not going to rubber stamp his entire road map.