Did you ever wonder why Moms seem so turned off to current events and politics?  Maybe because they feel they aren’t being heard by the decision makers.  The #1 parenting site on the web, cafemom.com, decided to ask mothers across the country, and across a spectrum of racial, economic, political and socioeconomic backgrounds, how they’re feeling leading into 2012.  More than half of the mothers surveyed, 1850 of them, said they truly believe the average American mother could do a better job as President than Obama. Ouch. As a moderate who has voted mostly Republican, two key points jump out at me that bode well for the Republicans.  The first is that 34% of Moms reported an overall conservative change in their perspective since the last elections.  The second is that 59% believe the presidential elections will make a difference for their families personally.  Moms are tilting right and expect the presidential elections to be a turning point. And more than two-thirds would like to see the government cut spending before enacting new taxes as a way to tackle the deficit.

The numbers are eye opening: 55% of our nation’s moms said they believe our best days are behind us, 49% of moms believe the American Dream is dying or dead and 77% say their family’s financial situation has stayed the same or become less secure in the last 3 years.  55% of the women surveyed said they think the next President needs to focus on improving their family’s financial situation, 58% of moms want to hear about job creation, 37% want politicians to ease the pressure on the middle class and 39% want to hear about healthcare costs and quality.

Here’s a look at one section from the survey:

Overwhelmingly, moms’ worries are dominated by two very practical day-to-day economic considerations: paying the mortgage or rent on their home (55%) and spending on groceries (36%) … followed by one very long-term concern:college tuition for their children (31%).


For a population that is normally focused on the future, an overwhelming 71% of moms may believe our short-term challenges matter more this election than our long-term ones, but when they think about their kids, they’re still looking ahead to a brighter tomorrow. It may be too late for America, but they haven’t given up on their kids.”

There is so much more good information in this survey.  Take a look for yourself at http://www.cafemom.com/momsmatter/surveys.php