Americans care less and less about politics. They’re tired of all of it. Unless, you were heading to a National Monument, you might not have even noticed the Shutdown.

Today, the headlines are all about the end of the Debt Drama. About the fact that the debt ceiling just inched a little higher. 

If the Debt Drama were a play, unfortunately, we would barely be at intermission. 

Just as Tea Partyer Ted Cruz (or Ted bin Laden as the press is calling him) was crucified, a chorus of women came on stage and prevailed upon the mostly male warriors to put aside their differences for the sake of moving forward.  

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama is enjoying a resurrection that his political enemies handed him. His baby, Obamacare, whose sacrifice they were demanding, is intact. In fact, emboldened. 

The shadow of Republican attempts to attach Obamacare to government funding has been moving across the stage throughout this play and captivated the audience’s attention as it appears to have eclipsed some Republicans’ prospects in 2014.

Emerging from rear stage is the long suffering Treasury Secretary, who has been performing tricks in the shadows to pay the country’s bills, which are now twice what we bring in.

If this were actual theater, as opposed to the political theatre it has become, the writers would be furiously working overtime on their rewrites.  Fiscal liberals demanding that words like “spending”  be replaced with terms like the one I saw in today’s Washington Post, “domestic investments.”

The soothsayer is carrying a placard across the boards and lobbying for a bigger role. And despite her gloomy presence is actually being considered for a larger part. She’s carrying what  looks like a ledger that says the following … 1) Federal Debt Limit – 16 trillion dollars 2) Interest on Debt due Nov. 15 – 29 billion dollars 3) Obamacare – 6 trillion dollars.  

It seems an appropriate time to ask whether this fool has been brought in to shame the wise? Because once again, what looks like a solution, “another day that got saved in the nation’s capitol” is merely a chimera, a glittery illusion made up of disjointed parts that in reality is actually a fire breathing dragon.  

If Congress wants to hang onto its’ audience, they should probably work on the scene called, “The Budget,” which is coming up next, in January. This budget saga just leads to too many plot twists and side stories, like sequester hearings and debt ceiling crises. Why not write a scene in its’ place that brings closure, like our elected leaders failed to balance their budget and got sent home. Close curtain.