Or why Bert and Ernie will not be getting married.  You may have missed the petition on Facebook last week asking producers of “Sesame Street” to consider holding a wedding for Bert and Ernie.  The lovable muppets share more than a room, they share the kind of goofy humor it takes decades as a couple to create.  They’re affectionate and finish each other’s sentences. But “Sesame Street” producers countered that Bert and Ernie will not be getting married because – gasp – they’re not actually gay.  They’re asexual.  (Try explaining that to a preschooler)  The petition is, according to the Washington Post, a “cheeky but earnest” movement that has been fueled by the wave of states across the nation legalizing same sex marriage.   And the same article raises the question of whether it isn’t time for two actual gay human beings to appear as part of the cast?  We agree that it is.  And we could criticize Michelle Bachmann for saying she isn’t running to criticize gays but we believe this is progress.  So instead of calling her out on the apparent flip/flop, we’re going to applaud her evolution in attitude towards homosexuals.  We’ve added another article of note about the fact that California has just mandated that schools include Gay History in their cirriculums.  And a piece from PBS on Gays who may have been left out of History.  We also hope you’ll read an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal on the religious world following the secular in considering how and when to deal with the issue, as well as a link to a site that lists which states allow gay marriage.