Well, it looks like we can safely say the ex-wife factor is no longer a factor in politics today. Otherwise, how can you explain Newt Gingrich taking, not just South Carolina, but the conservative Christian base there, after his ex-wife buried him on ABC News just days before the primary? Personally, I am thoroughly confused. Mitt Romney fell in love with his wife when they were still in high school. But he is wealthy, which last week in South Carolina, seemed to be a harder sin to forgive. What do I know, though? I went to bed thinking Romney won Iowa one night last week only to wake up the next morning and find out it was Rick Santorum. (Maybe there are a few missing straws out there somewhere that can give Mitt back his victory. The way this year has gone, nothing would surprise me.) I think it’s time for a new campaign slogan for Mitt, “No Apology.” (That was the name of his book) And a new campaign song, too.   How about “I’m successful and I know it” to the tune of “I’m sexy and I know it.” Seriously, why would anyone think they have to apologize for being successful? Is taking a tax break worse than being brought up on ethics violations?

So, what’s ahead? Florida. January 31st. With the way this year is going, I’m worried all those retirees might be charmed by, dare I say it, Ron Paul!

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