Republican Jon Huntsman is finally popping. And by that we mean he is now 4th in polling – at least in New Hampshire – where he has spent most of his time. We love this guy but why isn’t he pro-choice? He speaks Mandarin, believes in the science of climate change, is in favor of same sex unions, wants practical but compassionate solutions on immigration and was hired by Barack Obama after Rahm Emanuel went to bat for him. Rahm Emanuel? Yes, the Democratic insider who is now the Mayor of Chicago. Huntsman is a curious cat. And even though he is pro-life, religious conservatives don’t like him because he is open minded on so many other issues, like the environment and gay marriage. For liberal Republicans, this could be one of those “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” scenarios! The popular former Governor of Utah decided to skip Iowa and focus on New Hampshire where voters tend to be more independent. He’s almost out of money but is still racking up endorsements, including the Boston Globe, which is significant since Mitt Romney was once Governor of that state. I’ve pulled together lots of different articles on Huntsman, including one from the Daily Beast when he was first appointed Ambassador of China and the above link to that Youtube video that features his daughters gently rapping the other Republican candidates. 

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