Written by Wall Street Journal Staff

Actress Stacey Dash (“Clueless”) tweeted her support for presidential candidate Mitt Romney Sunday, writing “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future.” She included a photo of herself wearing a red swimsuit, standing in front of the American flag.

The tweet, which has been retweeted more than 5,000 times, sparked a range of responses on Twitter, both for and against Dash’s view. But the Twitter reaction also included racially charged tweets leveled at Dash, who is of mixed race, which in turn prompted others (even if they didn’t agree with Dash’s presidential endorsement) to support her right to express her opinion without being subject to racist tweets.

The endorsement by Dash comes after a recent WSJ/NBC poll showed President Obama had the support of 94% of African-Americans, while Romney had 0%.

Read some of the Twitter conversation below.

So disappointed to see people attacking @REALStaceyDash for voicing her opinion. Disagree politically, but attacks are unacceptable.


I’m I the only one that finds it hilarious that Stacey Dash supports Romney? Y’all mad? That makes it funnier to me.


I may disagree with @REALStaceyDash decision on who she supports in presidential race. But no need to call her an indoor slave or a jiggaboo


Actress @REALStaceyDash has endorsed Romney. Some black liberals are clowning her. Folks, this is USA & not USSR: tinyurl.com/8b4dggh


Can black people please trade Stacey Dash to the whites for Bill Clinton??