Photo credit: As Nate Silver wrote in early December, “Yes, Virginia, there is a moderate Republican vote out there.” He went on to say, one-third of Republicans are identifying themselves as Moderates right now.  A recent Gallup poll showed that more than 70 percent of Americans are dreading the elections.  That’s why Newt Gingrich keeps using the word, “positive.” I read the other day that he’s kind of bummed out about all the personal attacks and I couldn’t help but think it’s time for one of the real Moderates, like John Huntsman, to say, “Newt, Just tell all those Republican women ‘it’s about the economy’, Cupid.”  I’m sorry. I know that’s a bad joke. But, I’m bummed out that my kind of moderate, Huntsman,  registers a tepid 4% in Iowa.

    I can’t believe Huntsman isn’t doing better in Iowa or New Hampshire, when to me he has that quirky individualism that defines both those states.  And poor Mitt Romney used to be considered too moderate for the party’s conservatives.  Now he’s too conservative for some moderates. If Romney’s explanation on why he is now pro-life makes him a flip-flopper, how come Gingrich gets a boost in the polls after saying “I do change things when conditions change.” I guess the good news for the actual moderates is that everyone is trying to out-moderate each other. Except Michelle Bachmann who accused Gingrich of “missing the opportunity to de-fund Planned Parenthood” when he was Speaker.  No one can accuse her of being moderate. And because I am a woman, and at the end of the day, even those of us who care about politics care about hair, I have to say even her hair, which she now wears pulled straight back in a bun, is feeling severe!

As Gingrich’s star rises, so does GOP concern