By Stephanie Eckelkamp  

Having certain traits or even tweaking your behavior to fake these traits could add years to your life, says Patrick Hill, PhD, psychology researcher at the University of Illinois.

Here are three characteristics that may boost life expectancy:

Your glass is half full.

A study that analyzed 243 elderly people (average age: 97.6) found that most were more optimistic and easygoing than the general population. If your outlook could be sunnier, write down a few things you’re grateful for daily.

You’re everyone’s pal.
Having strong social relationships can raise survival odds by 50%, found researchers from Brigham Young University. Not a social butterfly? Start small: Invite some pals to lunch, or consider starting a book club.

You’re never late.
Conscientiousness (being detail oriented and responsible and always wanting to do a good job) is consistently associated with longevity, says Dr. Hill. Raise your conscientiousness by making (and using) to-do lists.

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