From Dr.’s Ben Glaser:

Their salaries are paid by tax payers, and they spend their time declaring tomato paste a vegetable and ignoring the tax cuts they were specifically assigned to make. And they get free healthcare. Is it any wonder that Congress is less popular than the ubiquitous hotel heiress?

The latest monthly Gallup poll shows Congressional approval at 13% for the second month in a row, the lowest since Gallup began tracking it in 1974. This discontent cuts across party lines among all Americans.

In response, Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) has called for Congress to take sweeping action against the nations problems, instead of just keeping things going.

In a Senate floor speech, Bennet presented a chart showing Congress’ current approval ratings compared to a long list of other historical ratings.

Among the things more popular than our current Congress: the IRS (40%); BP during the oil spill (16%); and the idea of America going Communist (11%).

Bennet took some consolation in the fact that Congress is still more popular than Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

[Note: Bennet’s figure of 9% approval for Congress is comparable to the Gallup polls 13%, which had a 4% margin of error.]

On MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown, Bennet said he felt the nation’s frustration was “completely justified,” as Congress has simply “kept the lights on” when they should be figuring out “how we’re going to meaningfully participate in the 21st century economy.”

What do you think? Do you approve of Congress’ job performance?