So, I was thinking I should write a column with a debate themed recipe for tonight’s foreign policy debate when I hit google search to find some good ones. Then I thought the suggestions on there were so funny that I had to write a Mom Vivant about it instead. First of all, Barack suggests a marshmallow throwing event where, if you don’t like something Romney says, you can throw a marshmallow at the television screen. I would say that’s because, so far, the Obama folks haven’t had anything hard to hit him with! Then had a column on drinking games you could play which I would say had more to do with the sorry state of us Moms during the witching hour between dinner, homework, baths and bed than the sorry state of our country right now. The New Diplomat’s wife is in Vienna, happily ensconsed in the most diplomatic and lovely of all foreign places to watch what will undoubtedly be a down and dirty fight for dominance in this race.  But hands down the most outrageous suggestions for a debate watching party come from GQ. I will say the only one I feel comfortable printing here is this one:

“Make Korean BBQ.  This pork shoulder is INSANE. I never knew scallions could be so delicious!”

I still haven’t come up with anything for dinner but am thinking this might be a good night for something we can 1) take out and 2) not spend a lot of money on.  Maybe Chinese? Maybe hummus and pita since the Middle East will be front and center in tonight’s discussion. I wish I had some ideas about traditional Afghan or Persian food. But unless it comes as take out ….