While assembling furniture, my friend Debbie asked her roommate’s five-year-old son to bring her a screwdriver. “Do you want a ‘Daddy’ screwdriver or a ‘Mommy’ screwdriver?” the little boy asked. Confused but preoccupied, Debbie absentmindedly said, “Bring me a ‘Mommy’ screwdriver.” The child came back and handed her a butter knife. – Contributed by Cori Cole

I thought that clip from Reader’s Digest was spot on.  

Right now the only thing standing between me and an organized office are the bookshelves I bought weeks ago that are still sitting in the garage because I need help putting them together. Help is on the way. She’s a pint size wielder of all sorts of tough guys skills that many of us Y chromos are sorely lacking. Her husband brags about finding her, grease up to her elbows, with both hands dug into an engine, killing time by tinkering with the family truck. Wow. I can learn something from this gal. 

What if your honey is – gasp – not handy? Or what if there isn’t a honey to do the things on your list? You might have noticed that toolmakers started to mine this market several years ago. I first became aware that someone was marketing tools to me when I noticed paisley and floral patterned wrenches and screwdrivers next to the fancy scarves and bejeweled pens at the chi-chi pharmacy that I frequent here in town. And I love the website charmandhammer.com. They get women. Not only are the tools pretty but they’re sized to fit a woman’s smaller hands.