My daughter told me she and her two best friends were going to wear Lilly to school today in honor of Lilly Pulitzer. I thought that was sweet. I really didn’t know anything about Lilly Pulitzer’s story but having read it, I think it’s safe to say she was definitely a Mod Mom! Apparently bored and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Pulitzer was spending her days working with oranges at her husband’s orange groves in Florida, just to stay busy. She decided she needed something comfortable and no nonsense to wear, a dress that wouldn’t show juice stains and would free her up to work with her hands. Voila? The Lilly was born. 

My favorite parts of this story, reprinted from The New York Times, is that she thought having a budget was, “embarrassing.” And that the dresses were originally sold for 22 dollars and in one case, even made out of kitchen curtains.