I am looking forward to Mother’s Day the way a kid looks forward to Christmas! So, here’s a link to a list of words to share with our own Moms or that remind us of the Moms we would all like to be!  And let me give one of my kids props for hearing an ad on the radio on the way to school today for bon-bons of some kind and saying, “sounds like something you might be getting some of soon!” It wasn’t the sweets that felt so sweet; it was the sentiment. So, just to get you in the mood for that day that should probably be celebrated the other 364 days of the year, I would like to publish some words every Mother will surely appreciate hearing! 

From My Vocabulary.com: 

A) Acceptance, Accolade, Admiration, Adoption, Adoration, Adore, Adult, Advice, Advising, Affect, Affection, Affectionate, Affinity, Amorous, Amour, Ancestry, Angel, Appreciation, Ardent, Ardor, Attachments, Aunt, Authority, Awe
B) Baby, Beautiful, Beloved, Better half, Bond, Bouquet, Breadwinner
C) Candy, Captivate, Care-giver, Caring, Celebrate, Champion, Charm, Cheerleader, Cherish, Chocolate, Church, Close-knit, Closeness, Commitment, Companion, Compassion, Congeniality, Cordial, Counsel, Courage, Cousin, Cozy, Custody
D) Darling, Date, Daughter, Dear, Dedicated, Devoted, Devotion, Dine, Discipline, Domestic, Duty
E) Effect, Effective, Elder, Emotion, Endear, Endearment, Engagement
F) Family, Fascinate, Favor, Favorite, Fellowship, Female, Flowers, Folks, Fond of, Forgiving, Friendship
G) Gathering, Gem, Genes, Gentle, Gifts, Girlfriend, Goddess, Grandmother
H) Heart, Heartfelt, Helper, Helpmate, Heritage, Homecoming, Honesty, Honey, Honey bunch, Honor, Hospitality, Household, Hug
I) Idolize, Inclination, Inherit, Invest
J) Jewelry, Jewels
K) Karma, Kin, Kindness, Kinfolk, Kinship, Kiss, Knowledge
L) Lace, Learning, Lessons, Life, Like, Lilies, Lineage, Listener, Love, Loyalty
M) Marry, Maternal, Matriarch, Memories, Mostly, Motherhood, Multi-task
N) Necessary, Notion, Nuclear family
O) Obligation, Ode, Offer, Offspring, Omnipresent, Opulent, Overflow, Oversee, Owe
P) Parentage, Perfume, Plants, Precious, Prize, Protection, Protective, Pure
Q) Quaint, Qualities, Queen, Query, Quiet
R) Rapture, Recognition, Red, Regard, Relationship, Relatives, Remembrance, Reminiscent, Responsibility, Restaurant, Reunion, Revere, Reward, Ribbon, Romantic
S) Sachets, Safety, Security, Sisterhood, Source, Special, Spouse, Support, Sweet, Sweetheart
T) Teacher, Tender, Tenderness, Ties, Time, Token, Treasure, Treat, Truelove
U) Union, Unique, Universal, Unusual, Upbringing, Utmost
V) Verses, Very, Virtuous, Vow
W) Warmth, Wisdom, Wise, Worthy
X) Xxxx (kisses)
Y) Yearning, Years, Yield, Youthful
Z) Zeal, Zestful