Tap. The sound of water coming out of the tap? No. A type of dance? No. A newfangled tax credit that is an acronym like TIF? No. We’re talking about tapping on your head. That’s right. Not just your head but your collarbone and all sorts of energy centers in between. It’s like acupuncture without the needles. Tapping is the newest craze in holistic medicine. 

So, who is doing it? Athletes, business women, patients suffering from a host of ailments and anyone else who wants to free up positive energy to create a positive outcome in their life. A woman in a tapping workshop talked at length about wanting to earn six figures next year. After tapping, she was asked to name the image that popped into her mind. Interestingly, the image that came to her was a goldfish. As anyone who has explored the Chinese principles of Feng Shui knows, goldfish represent prosperity. 

Angie Monko, of Harmony Harbor Hypnosis, says she first learned about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as meridian tapping, in 2007 from another life coach. She has clients that come to her for all sorts of reasons whether it is to stop smoking, lose weight or even reverse destructive habits that are affecting either their personal or professional lives. Angie even claims to have stopped a husband on the verge of cheating … from  cheating!

It sounds a little bit like, “The Secret,” doesn’t it? “The Secret” is all about the laws of attracting positive energy and positive outcomes into your life. Angie says tapping can be considered a tool to implement the philosophy behind, “The Secret,” in other words to get the law of attraction to work in your favor, rather than against you. Either way, the law of attraction is always operating. 

So, what’s involved? Well, think about something that makes you feel bad. For me, it was the chocolate bunny I ate from the leftover Easter candy their grandparents sent them. Start tapping on the karate chop point on the side of your palm, while tuning into your emotion and repeating a sentence 3 times, “Even though I feel guilty for eating chocolate, I love and accept myself anyway.” 

Then start tapping with your fingers on the energy meridians around your body, through a series of 8 tapping points. You will alleviate the guilt you feel. When you feel better, it helps you make a different decision next time, because you released the negative emotions that led to unhealthy habits in the first place. 

If any of this sounds interesting to you, you can learn more by going go to Angie’s site, Harmony Harbor.com.