If you were an image maker or public relations consultant, you’d have to be concerned if you had Congress for a client right now. Things are a little rough in the approval ratings department. As if things weren’t bad enough, now comes along a celebrity autobiographer whose own peers feel her work can be a little, umm, malicious.  

Kelley plans to turn her lens on the women of Congress. Kelley has famously said that she considers it her first amendment right to move celebrities, “out of the moonlight and into the sunlight.” Let’s hope that is what she does for the women in Congress. And that she doesn’t give them the treatment she has given Oprah and the Bush family by trying to sully luminescence with gossip and innuendo. 

I just hope Kitty Kelley isn’t looking to “out” the Anthony Weiners of our gender. 

I think this is a fitting time to reprint an article from that scandal that ran in our very first issue of ModerateMoms called, “When it comes to scandal, girls won’t be boys.” https://moderatemoment.com/mom-vivant/when-it-comes-to-scandal-girls-won’t-be-boys/ It’s possible this is the approach Kelley is going to take. 

Kelley has worked in politics. At one point, she was a press aide to Sen. Eugene McCarthy, a Democrat from Minnesota who was an outspoken opponent of the Vietnam War. 

If you want to read an article on this year’s record setting number of women in Congress, click on this article from the Huff Post. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/03/women-senators-113th-congress_n_2405299.html Given how hard it is to 1) get women to run for public office 2) get reasonable Republican women to run for political office and 3) get reasonable Republican women elected, I just hope her book doesn’t turn anyone off from jumping on board.