So, Vanity Fair has a new column that I am really digging right now. It’s called, “Words that shaped the Week.”  My favorite one this week is “Dad Jeans”, which are jeans that are an awkward combination of too baggy and too straight legged and typically come in a color that was obviously picked out by Mom, like “cerulean.  “Sarah Palin” is defined as a noun that means anachronism, or an event or person that is out of order with respect to time and history. 

Caingrich [kain-grich], noun: A chimera, as in the ancient Greek tradition, consisting of one part Newt Gingrich, one part Herman Cain, and one part Rick Perry’s dreams.

Tweepulsive [twee-puls-iv], adjective: Overly precious and cloying, as in the case of certain Zooey Deschanel facial tics.

Now before you go considering the ultra liberal Vanity Fair your source for online political news consider that they also listed November 2012 and defined it both as the month the elections will take place and the likely date for the U.S. Supreme Court to decide the legality of Obamacare. Umm, hello?