What does your choice of pie at thanksgiving dinner tell you about your personality? With Thanksgiving just around the corner The Mom Vivant thought we should turn to our favorite fictitious psychological consultant to learn what choosing a pie flavor says about your personality. Let’s dive in. Oh and in case you were wondering there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support there conclusions.


You are a traditionalist. You love comfort food and hate change. You like a lot of flavor but not too much spice. Given a choice of vacation you choose the beach. It takes a lot to make you angry and you are loyal to a fault. You think yoga is for the birds. You won’t associate with people who drive foreign cars.


You’re a quirky kind of person. You are never happy with your hair and are constantly changing styles and even colors. You hate lima beans and secretly think your behavior at home—where you sit, when you go to the bathroom—affects your favorite sports team’s performance. You have a winning smile.

Lemon Meringue

You are a little bit sassy and a little bit sweet. You love antiques and contemporary things as well. You secretly think the government faked the moon landing. You have a small social circle but your friends are like family, which is why your cell phone plan is Verizon Friends and Family. You question whether cow tipping is an actual thing.

Chocolate/Coconut/Banana Cream

You commit at least two of the seven deadly sins on a regular basis. Indulgence is your middle name. You have dozens of acquaintances, but the only person you would say truly understands you is your lover. You hate black licorice. You love roller coasters but hate Ferris wheels. You love pea soup but hate peas. You always seem to be looking for something—usually your keys.


You have an abnormally high number of cavities and possibly an ant problem. When people talk about you behind your back it’s almost always positive. You are an open book but would never hurt another person’s feelings. You are trying to stop biting your nails. As a child you had a disapproving father and as a result are constantly looking for validation. You shop on Black Friday. You don’t understand America’s fascination with the Kardashians.


You are an all around terrific person—nearly perfect. You exercise and eat right but you’re not cocky about it or rub it in people’s faces. You were a leader in school, possibly in student government or the Greek system. You find gum chewing offensive. You have a fear of birds and clowns. You married your first love and only occasionally regret it. You question whether bananas are, in fact, a good source of potassium.

Happy Thanksgiving pie people!