Spring has sprung, and the season of light entertainment is here. To that end, please do enjoy…

1) Name the siblings who are both currently starring in her own network television series.

2) Everybody knows Arnold’s signature line from The Terminator, I’ll be back. What is his trademark phrase from the sequel?

3) The producers of The Sopranos raised eyebrows with their strange finale. What song played in the final moments as the Soprano family ate at a restaurant?

4) In the beginning of the movie, Pulp Fiction, Vincent (John Travolta) is explaining to Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) that in Europe, a Quarter Pounder is called a Royale with Cheese. Why?

5) The Academy-Award winning star of The Artist speaks two words in the movie. What are they?

6) What is the name of the Batman villain, Two Face?

7) What baseball team did Billy Beane manage when he implemented his Moneyball strategy?

8) What are the four main ingredients in a Waldorf salad?

9) In Starbucks, what size is a venti and why?

10) Celebrity super-couple Victoria and David Beckham gave birth to a baby girl last year. What is her Seinfeld-inspired name?


1). Emily Deschanel is the title character in Bones, and sister Zooey is The New Girl.

2) Hasta la vista, baby

3) Don’t Stop Believin’

4) The metric system

5) “With pleasure.”

6) Harvey Dent

7) The Oakland A’s

8) Apples, celery, walnuts and mayonnaise

9) A large; it is 20 ounces (‘venti’ is the Italian word for 20)

10) Harper Seven