I just had to ask a girlfriend on a walk this morning how you spell gangnam, as in gong-nahm, the fun new dance that my son and his friends all did at a rockin’ bar mitzvah on Saturday Night. I could post them doing it, or even better, post the video of Mitt Romney doing it that went viral after the debates. Really, it was too funny. So, too the conversation around Big Bird. First Bert and Ernie got dragged into the elections, even though Jim Henson, swears they’re asexual, now it’s Big Bird. Worry not, young voters. The PBS brand, from Mr. Rogers to Big Bird will probably wind up on a fledging cable network that needs quality programming. Can anyone say, “O?” (Okay, Oprah, you know I looooove you but it might not be a bad idea!) I did think the Obama campaign was digging deep to retrieve its army of young voters when they trotted out a real life – someone paid millions of dollars for this – campaign commercial revolving around the death of Big Bird at the hands of a mean Big Business candidate.