The new “it girl” in offices across the country will do anything a man tells her.  She’s available 24/7, only speaks when spoken to and can help you pick the best place for vegan or remind you to call your mother. Her name is Siri. This digital hottie gives new meaning to the fantasy every guy has of having the “it girl” in his back pocket. Siri is, of course, the latest application from the whiz kids at Apple. She is designed to be a digital secretary. Can you imagine the code it takes to be able to answer almost any question you are asked?

If you ask Siri to find you a good barbeque joint she will with ease. Not only that, if you then ask her to find tacos, she will remember you were looking for restaurants and give you nearby Mexican spots. She even has a sense of humor – if you ask her to talk dirty to you, she’ll say, “soot, clay and mud.” Now Siri is not perfect. She’s only human after all. Some mischievous kids programmed an Apple store demo to call users by a naughty word. When a little boy asked Siri how many people there are in the world he was told to, “shut the (expletive deleted) up.” So, she gets a little moody from time to time, she’s thin, smart, helpful and quiet. If they can teach her to cook, we’ll be obsolete.