I love the way a smile pops in the media. The way someone as frequently photographed as The Dutchess of Cambridge, or Princess Kate, can have one photo that is so genuine, it trumps all others. I don’t doubt that she loves the everyday life of a future Queen. But by the looks of the smile on her face, as she was leaving the hospital with her still unnamed baby boy, you could tell her gorgeous, unprecedented glow is what put the light in those wonderful shots and pictures of the happy couple and their newborn son.

Zoe Williams wrote a funny post in The Guardian about how reporters were so spent after round the clock coverage chronicling Kate’s hours in labor, that one reporter even shared the news that “her room is air conditioned.” Certainly the Palace had not gone so far in trying to depict the future King and Queen as ordinary people that they would have put the Royal-Mum-to-Be in an un-airconditioned room!

And now we are on to what to name the baby. Ah. Based on the names being floated around in the press, it looks like it will be George. Would he be named after George VI who played “Bertie,” the younger brother to Edward VIII, who abdicated his throne to marry American socialite Wallis Simpson, and was hailed for not only overcoming a pronounced stammer but also for his handling of the transition in the monarchy and into World War II?  That would be sweet. Maybe they should name him “George” and call him something else.

Just for fun, I looked up baby boy names. (and yes, these suggestions are tongue in cheek!!!)

Abba –  The Swedish rock band that played at Kate and William’s reception. It means Father in Hebrew.

Barny – As brave as a bear

Clem – Gentle, merciful

Dawa – Tibetan or Sherpa for “Born on Monday.”

Falk – Falcon

Gabie – Man of God

Huw – Heart and Mind

Ikey – The Laughing One

Jove – Just sounds so English! As in “By Jove, You’ve got it.”  In this case, it means surprise.

Kasey – The Vigilant One

Lyn – Good Looking (according to his Dad, Prince William, he does have his mother’s good looks!)

Magee – Son of the handsome one.  Because William, you aren’t bad either!

Nash – Old English for cliff.

Ovis – Little Bear

Puck – Shakespeare’s most adorable, yet mischievous character.  Fun loving and quick witted.

Quilian – Cub

Radman – Could hip this up by calling it, “Rad-man.” Radman means Joy! The only problem is it sounds a little bit like, “Rodman.”

Shen – Deep Thinker. Which his grandfather, Prince Charles, certainly was.

Trillby – Italian for trilling. Let’s not forget Princess Diana loved singing and music.

Uros – Little Lord

Valter – Mighty Ruler

Wilson – Son of William

Xanti – Basque for St. James

Yves – The Little Archer

Zizi – Dedicated to God.