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H-Hour by Christine Doyle

I was going to title this post D-Day but decided that was too harsh since it refers to the day a military attack is unfurled.  Too many people, on both sides of the aisle, view Obamacare in military terms. In fact, the whole fight mentality is part of the problem. [...]

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States Experimenting to Lower Health Care Costs / Associated Press

  SALEM, Ore. • Oregon health officials are concentrating on coordinating services and preventing hospital stays. New Jersey medical centers are rewarding doctors who can save money without jeopardizing patient care. And Massachusetts is expanding the role of physician assistants and nurse practitioners. As states work on implementing the complex federal [...]

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A Season of Conciliation

If you look at the headlines out of Washington, DC right now, it isn't hard to see why Sen. Harry Reid is saying that Washington is broken. After all, Congress is even fighting over how to fight (that's what the question of filibuster reform is about) and for the first [...]

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The Silver Lining on Gun Control: A Bi-Partison effort to help the Mentally Ill

By Robert Koenig, Beacon Washington correspondent WASHINGTON – While efforts to restrict assault weapons have grabbed the headlines, a quieter campaign is gaining support on Capitol Hill to try to curb gun violence by bolstering mental health services at the community level. On Thursday, Oscar-nominated David O. Russell – director of [...]

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Are you dialing in to the debates?

According to CNN, 3.6 million people watched the Tea Party Express Republican Presidential Debate on CNN last night, 1.1 million of them in the coveted age bracket between 25 and 54.  What is interesting to me is that means 2.5 million of them were either under 25 (unlikely) or over [...]

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