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Who knew the protests were such smelly business!

Who knew the protests were such smelly business!

Cassandra Garrison, Reporter/Producer Metro New York

There are plenty of complaints out there about the Occupy Wall Street protesters: They are a bunch of hippies who have no real demands! They trashed Zuccotti Park and other protest sites around the country! They bang too loudly on their drums and clog the streets!

Next time, though, you feel like complaining about Occupy Wall Street, just remember it could be worse: This guy could be there.

There is video posted online on of a man being apprehended by police at Occupy Toronto.

The person shooting the video can be heard telling police the man was in his tent, sniffing his girlfriend’s feet. He also tells police the man tried to get people in the tent to drink urine by telling them it was an energy drink. Even more disturbing is that he says the man took a sip, or “pretended” to take a sip, before trying to pass it to others.

It’s all very strange. At one point, you can hear what sounds like a woman (or an eagle!) screeching, and we’re assuming it’s someone’s ring tone — which is creepy.

Later, the man shooting the video suddenly remembers that the foot-sniffer handed him a knife earlier when he had asked for a pen. He races back to his tent to fetch it for police. On his way back to the officers, he is met by a group of people we can only assume are other protesters. He shows them the “knife” which actually appears to be a wine bottle opener with a corkscrew. Then the group debates whether or not to hand it over to police and the man shooting the video insists they must because it is “evidence.” There is some debate and then the “legal team” is mentioned before someone tells the man shooting the video that he has become a “conflict of interest” and the video ends.

So while there may be reports of arrests, drugs and anti-Semitism, at least at the protests here in the States, there has not yet been a foot-sniffer.



Lemony Snicket on Occupy Wall Street

Lemony Snicket on Occupy Wall Street

From Molly Driscoll / Christian Science Monitor 
The mysterious author of the “Series of Unfortunate Events” series added his name to the list of authors who support the Occupy Wall Street movement and posted a list on the Occupy Writers website titled “Thirteen Observations made by Lemony Snicket while watching Occupy Wall Street from a Discreet Distance.”

The observations made by Snicket (the pen name of author Daniel Handler, who identifies himself as Snicket’s “representative” – but don’t tell your kids) range from the humorous to the poignant. “There may not be a reason to share your cake,” states one item on the list of observations. “It is, after all, yours. You probably baked it yourself, in an oven of your own construction with ingredients you harvested yourself. It may be possible to keep your entire cake while explaining to any nearby hungry people just how reasonable you are.”

10 banned books that may surprise you

Another sends a fairly pointed message to Wall Street executives and staffers.

“Historically, a story about people inside impressive buildings ignoring or even taunting people standing outside shouting at them turns out to be a story with an unhappy ending,” Snicket writes.

The website Occupy Writers contains other original work by several authors, including writer D.A. Powell, who submitted a poem titled “The Great Unrest.”

Snicket’s 13-book series, aimed at pre-teen readers, was published between 1999 and 2006 and became popular with children and adults alike for its cultural references and wordplay. The series followed the three Baudelaire children and the disasters they encountered after their parents died in a fire. Snicket himself, who served as the narrator for the series, was also a character in the series and dropped enigmatic hints throughout the books as to how he was involved in the story.

After the series ended, the author published other children’s books that included “The Composer Is Dead,” “13 Words,” and a holiday tale titled “The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming.” Handler has stated Snicket will publish new books set in the world of the “Series of Unfortunate Events.”

The author writes that he is frequently on the run eluding the law and avoiding crowds, and a full picture of him is never published in his books.