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From Fight to Fix on Obamacare

I just got a letter in my inbox the other day from someone calling on Missouri Republicans to dig in on Obamacare. But across the country, the dial is moving away from a fight to a fix. Some moderate Republicans who were against the concept of government run healthcare (and [...]

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We need a Choice, not an Echo

The title for this post is the title of a book conservative author and media personality, Phyllis Schlafly, self published in her battle over the Equal Rights Amendment. Back then, she was worried that government regulation would rob women of their choice to stay home as housewives and mothers. It [...]

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Time Lapse Politics / Christine Doyle

If you're a fan of photography, you know the time lapse technique involves setting up a camera, often to record something like a sunset, minute by minute.  Once edited, these shots show a magical progression of light and color but shooting one is excruciating. That nuanced change can only be [...]

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A Summer Education

This year's Summer vacation has been spent working my way around my old stomping grounds visiting family and friends in Florida, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Connecticut and New York.  And it hasn't just been a vacation, it has been an education. Last week, I was on the New Jersey Shore watching [...]

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The Third Wave Revolutionaries

David Brooks of the New York Times has written an interesting article questioning whether recent bi-partisan progress on background checks and immigration is more of an illusion than a reality. He describes the current Republican Congressional leadership and the radio shock jobs as  "first wave revolutionaries" and "second wave revolutionaries," [...]

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