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In the interest of fairness …

We agree with Wendy Davis' fillibuster of the Texas abortion law because, even though I personally am against late terms abortions, it is treating women like children to demand that they take pills to terminate a pregnancy in front of a doctor. In the interest of fairness, I think this [...]

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Black and White Proms?

  Mary C. Curtis, an award-winning multimedia journalist in Charlotte, N.C., has worked at The New York Times, Charlotte Observer and as national correspondent for Politics Daily. Follow her on Twitter: @mcurtisnc3 Was the play list at the segregated “white prom” for Wilcox County High School in Georgia scrubbed of [...]

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What would you have done?

A museum dedicated to George W. Bush lets visitors put themselves in George Bush's shoes as they consider what actions they might have taken at some of the most pivotal turns in Bush's presidency. We've always said that history would be kinder to Bush than the electorate was because time [...]

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Are 8 minds always better than 1?

Politicians are breaking out all over this week as the 2012 Presidential Election is officially on.  First, there was the Republican Presidential Debate hosted by Brian Williams at the Ronald Reagan Library.  Then Obama's pitch to Congress to pass his more than 400 billion dollar job creation package NOW.   You [...]

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