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Each year, one of my favorite flavors of spring is Peeps. Yes, those sugary little critters that spark cravings year round. They’re here, but not for long, so it’s important that we make full use of their delicious adaptability. That’s where Peeps sushicomes in. Can you think of a better Easter treat?

It’s all of the goodness of Peeps combined with yet more sugar. Most of all, the final product is adorable if nothing else — perfect for bringing some color and fun to a traditional Easter spread. The following recipe is from Serious Eats, and it provides a great starting point. However, you and your imagination can create all sorts of varieties.

Peeps Sushi

  • 6 Peeps per roll, 1 Peep per handroll, 1 Peep per nigiri
  • 1 box of Rice Krispies Treats
  • 1 box of Fruit by the Foot


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Slice off six 3/16th inch slices lengthwise from a Rice Krispies Treat. (Please don’t kill yourself trying to get exactly 3/16 inches. There are more important things to worry about, like beheading Peeps!)

Execute six Peeps of your color choice by decapitation. Cut off more neck than you think is appropriate. If necessary, you can trim off more later.

Portion out a length of Fruit by the Foot slightly longer than the Rice Krispies Treat slice.

Flatten and elongate the Rice Krispies Treat slice slightly and shape it into a hollow circle. It’s okay if it breaks, just mold it back together again.

Take a Peep head and tuck it into the top of the hollow Rice Krispies treat cylinder. Use a toothpick or tip of the a knife to help get it snug.

Wrap the Fruit by the Foot strip around your roll. Some folding and nipping may be necessary to get the cleanest look.

Serve at room temperature.