• Gentlemen, Strong Women and Representative Government

    The days of “We know Better” may be coming to an end.

    What the Country needs this go around is to make sure our Democracy is representative.

    We need strong women, gentle men and a government that doesn’t just reflect what our Country looks like but how the Country is feeling on some major issues. That may frustrate special interest groups or create problems for the two party system. Each party has such a dangerous sense of ownership and entitlement. It has led those who work across the aisle to be labeled enemies within their own parties. It feels like issues aren’t considered based on the will of the people. They’re considered based on the ability to get an individual candidate or bill sponsor or party re-elected.

    Right now, too many Americans are feeling sick. Or sick about the possibility of getting sick. Mostly, they’re just sick of the Pandemic.

    The key issues for Moderates this go around seem to be tone, public safety and the economy.

    Mostly, it seems people just want Washington to work again. Maybe we know a little too much about what goes on there. Perhaps our leaders can go back to doing their thing, efficiently, politely and with a lot less noise. One of my favorite candidates this year is a Republican woman in her 70’s, who says her age isn’t a liability, because Americans just want leaders with experience who will roll up their sleeves and work hard. And I would argue they want leaders who will build bridges and move our Country forward.

    That way any efforts they make to reach across the aisle won’t put them in the cross hairs come Primary Day. It would also mean, Supreme Court Justices will be vetted in private and not excoriated or shamed in front of their own children, let alone the American public. Serious issues merit candor and a consideration of outside opinion or an opponent’s.

    I’m not sure that the public is more educated about politics but they are certainly more heated. We have become a nation of experts with no actual expertise. I was getting a pedicure yesterday and overheard a woman venting about politics. No one wanted to hear it. Surely, the race to pull women voters to one side or the other can pause at the nail salon door, a place where most people go to relax. I tuned out as soon as I heard the word, “election.” The woman doing her nails stayed focused on her job the whole time.

    The term contact tracing is getting lots of attention. I can trace a person’s views back to the media outlet they’re watching. It is kind of a game I play now that most Americans are carrying rhetoric for one side or the other. But seriously, rhetoric is dangerous. If President Joe Biden has done one thing well, it has been to dial down the rhetoric. If President Trump has done one thing poorly, it has been to pump up the rhetoric, that is not only a distraction from his economic platform but is driving Moderate Republicans, some Suburban women and Independents out of the tent.

    What will happen today is anybody’s guess. But let’s all agree whatever the outcome, we will get off our couches, turn off our devices and get out of the house to become expert in something other than carrying rhetoric.

    Maybe get involved in a new hobby or learn a new skill, volunteer, mentor or run for office yourself!