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What Happened?

How has a generation of angry, predominantly male teenage outcasts been able to skew a Country’s moral compass to get stuck on inertia? How have so many deeply troubled individuals been able to define an entire generation as one bent on revenge? Why did Americans respond to efforts to curb [...]

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Happy Holidays?

Whether you follow the weather, it seems inevitable that weather will find you, in a form and at a time you can least expect. The change of Seasons used to be reasonably predictable. Now, it is anything but. And it isn’t just the weather that is stirred up and unpredictable, [...]

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Covid and Mental Health

I am one of the many Americans whose response to Covid has been to pack up my house and head for the hills. Fresh, mountain air, is the cure, I tell myself. And in the divine way that the Universe does sometimes give you just what you need, an opportunity [...]

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It Isn’t Just a Word

By Christine Doyle Covid-19. Sounds like the name of a deep state cell block in some remote, secret place. Co-vid. A cold that can kill? That can’t be right. How unfair. And the flu often does. So, what is this thing? 19? 19 what? Cases, maybe. Right. On what day? [...]

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Why it Matters / Christine Doyle

Each morning, my daughter parks in a special spot up at school, a school that promotes sustainability. These prize slots go to kids who drive "green" cars. Hers is a Jetta TDI. It gets great gas mileage and we thought produced fewer diesel emissions than its competitors. But does it? [...]

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Kathleen Parker on the Planned Parenthood Videos

By Kathleen Parker Opinion writer July 17 In his satirical solution to Ireland’s prolific poor, especially among Catholics whose fish diet was thought to enhance fertility, Jonathan Swift suggested a new menu item: Succulent 1-year-olds for dinner. His essay “A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People from [...]

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