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Civics for Kids

You might wonder what an article about twin pandas has to do with politics? It's here because there are two of them just like there are two parties in our political system - the Republicans and the Democrats. I think it's a great analogy that is more than a little [...]

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A Patient in need of Triage

This is a critical juncture for Republicans. But, it's also a key turning point for Moderates, Independents or just everyday reasonable people. They're watching the continued dysfunction in Washington and wondering where the solutions lie? Cooler heads are calling for compromise. But, many Americans are wondering if compromise is possible [...]

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Gov. Chris Christie softening on Gay Marriage

Photo courtsey Julio Cortez/AP - Troy Stevenson, executive director of Garden State Equality, spoke at a Sept. 27 news conference in Montclair, N.J., after a state judge made same-sex marriages legal. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s administration is appealing the decision.   By Peter Wallsten, E-mail the writer Few elected Republicans support giving [...]

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A Show with No End?

Americans care less and less about politics. They're tired of all of it. Unless, you were heading to a National Monument, you might not have even noticed the Shutdown. Today, the headlines are all about the end of the Debt Drama. About the fact that the debt ceiling just inched [...]

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Brown Eyed Baker

Again, listing a recipe from a certain site because 1) I like the name of the site! and 2) the food sounds like a great bet for a Fall evening.  French Onion Soup   French Onion Soup is something that I always thoroughly enjoy when given the opportunity to order [...]

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