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Labor Day Jobs Talk

How to get Americans back to work or how to get our economy working again will be the focus of plans by both Republicans and Democrats that will be rolled out after this holiday weekend.  The Republicans are touting a "don't tread on me" approach to regulations across the board, [...]

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A 15 month old mowing the lawn?

Is it responsible to publish a picture of a 15 month old mowing the lawn?  What if the mower isn't on?  Does that make a difference?  I thought this was a great way to talk about media responsibility with your kids.  And kudos to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for sharing [...]

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Bad Mothering? Puh-lease!

From the Salt Lake Tribune: Raised in a $1.5 million Barrington Hills home by their attorney father, two grown children have spent the last two years pursuing a unique lawsuit against their mom for "bad mothering" damages allegedly caused when she failed to buy toys for one and sent another [...]

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It’s a bad joke, Stephen.

Everyone thought it was a joke when Stephen Colbert, a comedian playing a presidential candidate, started a Super Pac.  And that he was just going to mock the process without having any actual impact. But people are sending him money.  And when the PAC paid for an ad in Iowa [...]

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Meatloaf. Perfect for a school night.

I like to make meatloaf in a muffin pan.  The kids seem to think it is more fun to eat that way.  It is definitely a good back to school recipe and a dish that makes great leftovers.  This link has ten different types to choose from!

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The Mom Vivant / Debbie Baldwin

Side Effects May Vary / I was listening to a commercial for some breakthrough new drug the other day. You know the drill. After the actor goes on and on about the life altering benefits: I can jog again/ I fall asleep fast and stay asleep/ I’m never hungry/ I’m [...]

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The fall of Tripoli

It could be easy to miss the importance of what is happening in Libya and to assume that talking to your kids about the changes could be scary.  Rebels have taken over Tripoli and Muammar el-Qaddafi has fled but is reportedly still in the country.  The message could be about [...]

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It sounds good, but …

The payroll tax cut may not be all it is cut out to be.  Use the calculator below from to see what the payroll tax cut would actually be worth to you.

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