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State of Emergency

The news out of El Paso and Dayton this weekend is powerful ammunition indeed in the argument that something needs to be done to halt mass shootings in this Country. This is not a right versus left conversation, it isn’t something we can wait to deal with until after the [...]

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These Words are Free

These words are free. Please use them, Mr. President. Or A-O-C. Or anyone on ’The Squad.’ The reason ‘The Squad’ can depict you as racist, President Trump, is you are giving them the opportunity. If you aren’t a racist, you sure sound like one. It’s the same thing that happened [...]

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It isn’t an Argument

I think the saddest thing about the school shootings in Colorado is that police are reportedly saying one of the alleged shooters had talked in the past about wanting to cause harm and make a large group of people sad. As investigators try to figure out how the alleged shooters [...]

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Intention without Insult

The conversation around the Shutdown has moved to a more helpful position in the last 24 hours. Shutdowns are political stunt making and while they are an increasingly popular tactic for lawmakers, the idea that they only furlough non-essential workers isn’t true. At a time when fiscal issues are paramount, [...]

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The R Word

Poor Gov. Bobby Jindal. He knows he won't get through the Republican primary if he doesn't use the R word or "Repeal".  The Republicans are ready to craft their own version of healthcare reform and to make it a front line issue in the next Presidential elections. That's a good [...]

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ACA and Mo

Some states have found ways to restrict the implementation of Obamacare on their residents and businesses.   Especially Missouri, according to The Washington Post. State voters approved a ballot initiative last year that bars state and local government officials from trying to implement the law.  Missouri also rejected the Medicaid [...]

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Is Avoiding Sequestration Possible? Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., told the Wall Street Journal that he would consider a tax increase if it is accompanied by reductions in entitlement spending. Meanwhile, administration, state and local officials continue to express concern about the automatic cuts that are scheduled to kick in Friday. The [...]

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