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Civics for Kids

From Illinois flip-flops on 'cupcake' bill, pleasing a 12-year-old Troy girl  Chloe Stirling, 11, poses for a photo on Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014 at her home in Troy, Ill. Stirling had a thriving cupcake business out of her home until the Madison County Health Department told her to stop. [...]

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Women, Unions and Choice

I have blogged for the last couple of years about the need to put job creation ahead of social issues and to agree to disagree on abortion because, at the end of the day, most people have their minds made up about their personal views on the issue. I have [...]

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The Home of the Brave

I just read today that Missouri is ground zero in the battle over centrist versus extreme right orthodoxy. Looking around town and hearing the conversations that are unfolding around and about this state, it is hard not to feel the initial ripples of change unfolding.  First of all, I saw [...]

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“It was a waste of money for me”

  2 Enlarge Photo MIAMI • The first thing Michelle Pool did before picking a plan under President Barack Obama's health insurance law was check whether her longtime primary care doctor was covered. Pool, a 60-year-old diabetic who has had back surgery and a hip replacement, purchased the plan only to find [...]

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Hospitals see blue-red divide early into Obamacare’s coverage expansion BY JASON MILLMANThe blue-red divide in Medicaid expansion The Hospital Corporation of America, which has facilities in 20 states, reported a big gap in Medicaid and uninsured admissions between expansion and non-expansion states. In the four states it operates where Medicaid expanded [...]

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