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Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan?

Talk about putting yourself in someone else's shoes. I love this story from The Hollywood Reporter about Jane Fonda's response to critics questioning her decision to play Nancy Reagan in a new movie about Ronald Reagan's White House butler. Fonda says she wrote to Nancy Reagan to solicit her input [...]

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Are you dialing in to the debates?

According to CNN, 3.6 million people watched the Tea Party Express Republican Presidential Debate on CNN last night, 1.1 million of them in the coveted age bracket between 25 and 54.  What is interesting to me is that means 2.5 million of them were either under 25 (unlikely) or over [...]

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Are 8 minds always better than 1?

Politicians are breaking out all over this week as the 2012 Presidential Election is officially on.  First, there was the Republican Presidential Debate hosted by Brian Williams at the Ronald Reagan Library.  Then Obama's pitch to Congress to pass his more than 400 billion dollar job creation package NOW.   You [...]

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