Jobs, jobs, jobs … really job creation is all Americans want to hear from their politicians.  According to the latest polls,  Americans are the most pessimistic they’ve ever been.  Jon Huntsman published an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal blaming Obama for adding “zero jobs to the economy” in August.  A pro-environment, pro-gay moderate Republican, Huntsman may not be registering in the polls but his jobs program is eliciting cheers from Wall Street.  He wants to close ALL loopholes for the wealthy, lower the corporate tax rate and roll back Obamacare.  Where he might hit a roadblock is over his plan to eliminate the deduction on the interest you pay on your mortgage, one of the most popular – and the only in some cases – tax break for middle class families.  Romney hinted about his plan in a speech to Hispanic voters Friday, saying he is going to open up energy exploration here in the U.S., cap spending at 20% of the Gross Domestic Product and slash taxes at the same time.  In a speech on Labor Day, Obama talked about putting a million out of work construction workers back to work rebuilding our country’s bridges and schools and creating an infrastructure bank to pay for it that would draw on private funds.  His decision to abandon tougher restrictions on smog emissions last week was greeted on the left as heresy and on the right, as a small step that could free businesses up to focus on creating jobs instead of complying with new regulations.