Look around and what do you see? Most Moms just catching their breath now that the kids are launched back in school. Getting used to their Fall routines and trying to find time to start working out and working again. So how does all of that impact the female voter? The reason we started this blog was to reach them – those women who were practically on the fence in terms of choosing a party, who maybe voted for the Democrats last time but are feeling the pinch of a tough economy this time around and may be leaning Republican, women who are so busy with their kids and daily lives, they are not necessarily consumers of daily political news. But they do care. CNN has an interesting article that claims Obama got a bounce out of the conventions but Romney didn’t. In fact, it says Obama was up around ten percentage points in the polls. Obama has had a slight lead among women voters for most of the year. But as one pundit pointed out, at the end of the day, each of these victory clinching headlines fades and eventually we are back where we’ve been for the last few years, in a stalled economy.