Nikki Haley really hit the nail on the head when she said this election is going to boil down to the voters who have Obama-regret. She urged Floridians, a must-win state, to each find five voters who voted for President Barack Obama and get them to vote for Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. A Romney supporter since 2008, she has said, “You know if you look at the records, you look at Governor Romney, and this is a man that went into a Democratic state, increased jobs, balanced his budget, cut taxes. You look at President Obama we lost our credit rating. The unemployment is still high. He can’t even get a Democrat senator to balance the budget.

Oprah is the oracle of intuition. Listen to your gut, she says, it’s a gift we women are born with and it doesn’t lie. So, I would like to know when it comes to the Elections this Fall, what is going to feel right for women voters? It felt good to vote for Obama, didn’t it? But is it going to feel good to re-elect him? It’s a question women in the middle need to ask themselves.

Who you vote for used to be a topic that was clearly off the table at 1) school 2) the dinner table 3) social events. It was a private matter. Which may be why so many of the women, who traditionally vote Republican and whose husbands voted for McCain, would only tell me, in hushed tones and out of earshot of the other ladies, they voted for Obama. There is no doubt that it was a cool thing to help usher in our country’s first African American President. It’s one of the reasons I voted for him. And yes, it did feel good to tell my kids I made that kind of push for diversity. It was hard to argue with the groundswell erupting around him, the hope and excitement his young, fresh outlook promised to bring to Washington. But the biggest reason was Sarah Palin. Bright and promising as she sounded initially, we were insulted that John McCain felt she was the best Republican woman he could find to run with.

A woman I just got off the phone with said one party is stuck in the old days (I think she meant the Republicans) and the other can’t seem to figure out what needs to be done today (sounds like the Democrats to me!) So, ladies in the middle, what are you going to do? I’m worried you’re all going to just stay home because you don’t like the job Obama has done and you don’t want to admit you made a mistake. Obama-mamas are a little more subdued this time around, aren’t they? And that groundswell among the country’s youth is gone. Why? They’re all too busy looking for jobs.