Americans are getting tired of the phrase, “government shutdown.”  And if poll results are any indication, they’re pretty tired of Congress, too.  This is the third time in five months that there has been the threat of the government shutting down because of a political impasse.  I think the link below to an article by Thomas Friedman in the New York Times is perhaps the best read on the current climate.  He says, “both parties seem to have concluded lately that no compromise is possible and therefore their differences will just have to be settled by the 2012 election. No problem! I’m sure our markets will be patient until the next president is in place in early 2013!”  

Late Monday night, another government shutdown was avoided when the Senate passed a bi-partisan resolution to keep finances flowing through next Tuesday.  But as one lawmaker said even they are getting tired of the fight.  As one legislator said, “Let’s fight when there is something to fight about.”

The latest impasse was because the Tea Party refused to agree to an infusion of disaster relief funds unless they got significant budget cuts in exchange.  Republican Governor Chris Christie, of New Jersey, says he is ashamed at the politicization of disaster relief.  And in an interesting twist, there are new rumors that Christie may be running after all.  In his home state of New Jersey, Gov. Christie took a hard line on reforming pension funds and his approval ratings actually went up.  He has a tough talking, no-nonsense style that could have crossover appeal at this critical time.