When you think Mary Kay Cosmetics, the first image that comes to mind are probably the Pink Cadillacs she awarded to her most successful salespeople. You may have heard Mary Kay Ash had a big personality but you might not know how she stopped people in their tracks whenever she was asked her age. Pausing. Smiling. And responding, “How much did you say you weigh?” The question of her age dissipated on the spot.  God love her!

And what a great story her company is. She started in Dallas with 5 products, 5 thousand dollars and operated out of a tiny 500 square foot office. 

Raised by a mother who worked 14 hour days, young Mary Kay had to call her mom at work to get advice on grocery shopping and cooking for her father, who was an invalid, when she was just 8 years old. Her mother reportedly reassured her by saying, “Don’t worry. You can do it!”  

As an adult, Mary Kay decided to write a book after she was replaced by a male employee she had trained. She sketched out her dream company – female run with a sales force of women – who could earn extra income while accomodating their roles as wives and mothers. When she stumbled upon a local hide tanner who was getting compliments after using his work products on his face, she put the products together with the dream and Mary Kay Cosmetics was born! 

Now, I’m giving the company a little ink because I love the idea of a campaign they’re rolling out called, “One Woman Can.” 50 women across the country will be awarded 5 thousand dollars a piece to donate to the charity of their choice. It’s part of a nationwide makeover contest. 

If you’re interested, you can go to https://www.makeovercontestmarykay.com/en-us/entry-phase/home/. And if you’re in the St. Louis area and have  favorite charity you would like to donate to, you can call Sue Tomchyshyn at (636)-587-2197 stomchyshyn@marykay.com.