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Are We Ever Going to Live Together?

It isn't just tempers heating up around the police involved shooting in Ferguson, the thermostat is heading north, too. We are now facing days on end of near 100 degree weather. These could be the hottest days this Summer. The headline today is that Attorney General Eric Holder is in [...]

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A Teachable Moment

Folks, this is a teachable moment! This is the moment Planned Parenthood has been waiting for. The answer to the inexplicable sacrifice Title X funds get every time a race starts to narrow and a moderate needs to appease the far right. I am wondering if Gloria Borga of CNN [...]

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Candidate Clinton?

What an interesting week it has been in politics. First, last week's stunning defeat of Virginia's Eric Cantor, who lost to an unknown Tea Party candidate. Then the admission on the heels of the Romney summit in Utah that there is a division within the Republican Party and no clear [...]

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Can it be stopped? 8 answers on Obamacare and the shutdown By Z. Byron Wolf, CNN Washington (CNN) -- Over the next few days, the drama of a potential government shutdown will collide with the promise of a new health insurance system known as Obamacare. Here are answers to eight of the most [...]

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Life in the fast lane

Look around and what do you see? Most Moms just catching their breath now that the kids are launched back in school. Getting used to their Fall routines and trying to find time to start working out and working again. So how does all of that impact the female voter? [...]

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