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Political Cleansing on the Coasts

By Meghan Daum of The Los Angeles Times  Talking about your shrink isn't just for Woody Allen characters anymore. Once the kiss of death for a political career, announcing that you're in or about to enter therapy has actually become go-to damage-control strategy for public servants. There's the local example, [...]

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If Occupy-palooza were a rock band

Op-Ed Columnist Charles Blow wrote that he was sitting next to a young woman in Brooklyn who was having dinner and planning to head to the Occupy Wall Street Protest the next day ... This is a reprint of that article that talks about the Grateful Dead trek atmosphere around these protests.  [...]

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It’s all about jobs

Jobs, jobs, jobs ... really job creation is all Americans want to hear from their politicians.  According to the latest polls,  Americans are the most pessimistic they've ever been.  Jon Huntsman published an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal blaming Obama for adding "zero jobs to the economy" in [...]

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