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Candidate Clinton?

What an interesting week it has been in politics. First, last week's stunning defeat of Virginia's Eric Cantor, who lost to an unknown Tea Party candidate. Then the admission on the heels of the Romney summit in Utah that there is a division within the Republican Party and no clear [...]

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House Passes 1.1 Trillion Dollar Spending Bill / New York Times

In Defeat for Tea Party, House Passes $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill By JONATHAN WEISMANJAN. 15, 2014   Launch media viewer Speaker John A. Boehner on Wednesday after the vote on a spending bill that left some conservative groups fuming. J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press WASHINGTON — The House voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday, 359 to [...]

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Sibling Rivalry

Dispute Over Gay Marriage Erupts in Cheney Family By JONATHAN MARTIN FacebEd Reinke/Associated PressDick Cheney with his daughters, Mary Cheney, left, and Liz, at the Republican National Convention in 2000. Updated, 10:09 p.m. | WASHINGTON — They were the towheaded sisters who tagged along on campaigns, polite and smiling, as their father [...]

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Yes, Virginia, Moderates Matter!

This is a repeat headline. We first used it on this site in December, 2011 when Nate Silver, covering the Republican race for its party's nomination, wrote, "Yes, Virginia, there are still moderate Republicans out there. Not as many as there used to be, but enough that they will constitute [...]

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Civics for Kids

This is a great talking point for kids. Ask them what they think about the following  story. Was the Congressman wrong?  Anti-Immigration Crowd Applauds Congressman’s Assurance That Young Girl’s Father May Be Deported BY ESTHER YU-HSI LEE ON AUGUST 19, 2013 AT 10:26 AM At a town hall in Mursfreeboro, Tenn., 11-year-old U.S. [...]

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The boys who cried wolf

Americans are getting tired of the phrase, "government shutdown."  And if poll results are any indication, they're pretty tired of Congress, too.  This is the third time in five months that there has been the threat of the government shutting down because of a political impasse.  I think the link [...]

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Are you dialing in to the debates?

According to CNN, 3.6 million people watched the Tea Party Express Republican Presidential Debate on CNN last night, 1.1 million of them in the coveted age bracket between 25 and 54.  What is interesting to me is that means 2.5 million of them were either under 25 (unlikely) or over [...]

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